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Recycling has many environmental advantages, it uses less energy causing less pollution, it reduces the demand for virgin resources, it reduces the amount of waste landfilled, Amenities work towards zero waste to landfill.

Amenities collect all types of materials for recycling including cardboard, plastic, metal, paper & glass and all varieties in between, we can collect from most parts of the UK, and we have Moffatt vehicles available for any companies without a forklift on site.

We can collect part loads and full loads of material and can arrange weekly scheduled collections whichever solution best suits your company. Rebates are available for cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, some glass and wood waste such as pallet recycling. Larger quantities of material will give a higher rebate value, the recycling market is ever changing and rebates will reflect the changes in the market.

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Old corrugated cardboard is a good source of fibre for recycling. It can be compressed and baled for cost effective transport to anywhere ...


When compared to other materials like glass and metal materials, plastic polymers require greater processing to be recycled ...


Paper is one of the easiest materials to recycle, once the paper is collected it is then: sorted, graded and delivered to a paper mill ...


Scrap metal come in two forms; ferrous - steel and iron - which includes steel packaging such as food cans, and non-ferrous - such as copper ...


Our aim is for no wood to go to waste. We reduce the amount of wood being sent to landfill by recycling recovered wood to produce ...


Amenities offer a collection and recycling service for all your unwanted pallets, our service is available to you for one off clearances or scheduled ...

News and Pams

We are able to process almost any type of clean, sorted recovered paper. The material can be collected by us and we can offer rebates depending ...


Where it is not possible to use glass in this way (for example, green container glass which exceeds the limited green furnace capacity ...