Roll Crushers

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Amenities can offer cost and space solutions with our Roll Crushers that compact waste into 35yd and up to 50yd open containers, with compaction ratios between 3:1 and 7:1 depending on the type of waste.

The types of waste that are generally roll crushed are pallets/wood, general waste, green waste, metal (e.g. white goods).

We can offer a wide range of arms for the Roll Packer; these are available depending on the waste to be compacted. The Roll Packer is able to deal with most waste, from wood to washing machines. There is a pre-set running time option and continuous loading is possible, therefore reducing labour costs.

Typical example of cost savings:
A container filled with pallets with an uncompact weight of 2 tonnes, would result in a 10 tonne weight when compacted by a Roll Crusher. The ratio of 5:1 would reduce collections and associated costs by the same ratio offering vast savings.