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Amenities provide a collection and destruction service and provide secure destruction certificates for each collection.

Previously CRTs, once removed from the television or monitor, were required to be individually split into their component parts of panel and funnel glass - a process which often involved additional logistics costs and then careful handling, capital equipment, energy, labour, and which resulted in significant rejection rates. Furthermore the resultant material was often of poor quality and failed to meet the exacting requirements of new CRT manufacturers. In addition, if a CRT was already broken, other operators could not process the glass and it would have to be sent to hazardous waste landfill.

Cathode Ray Tubes are treated and recycled in both closed and open loop processes to maximise the full use and specification of the finished products while minimising landfill (less than 5% of our input goes to landfill), optimising the specification for our customers’ product and maximising the use of all aspects of the inherent qualities of our glass.