Special Attachments

  • sweeper
  • plow
  • clamp

There are many benefits from using special attachments on a forklift, forklift attachments allow you to maximise fuel efficiency by reducing the number of movements required to complete a task. Forklift attachments will increase productivity, multi-fork positioners allow drivers to handle multiple pallets, when applied properly to a lift truck, attachments reduce handling times and substantially increase the amount of work that can get done in the course of a working day.

There are many healthy and safely issues that can occur whilst working on site, working at height without special equipment exposes employees to unnecessary risk. Carefully chosen attachments increase workplace safety, allowing your staff to work in confidence.

Amenities can provide a vast amount of special attachments including; Fork Extensions, Fork Hooks, Tipping Skips, Rotators, Jibs, Bale Claps, Double Pallet Holders, Sweepers, Plows, Side shifts and many more, please don't hesitate to contact us if any of the above is of interest to you.