Access Control

  • KEY
  • PAXT
  • CAM3

Entry systems are effective in door, gate and barrier control and the access and movement allowed through them. Access can be permitted for authorised personnel via use of a fob or card. Visitor access can be permitted by means of recognition via audio or visual means by the client, entry systems can be either simple standalone solutions operating on one entrance or PC based systems that can operate thousands of entrances from either remote or local locations, PC based systems are not only effective for use in access control but can be used as clockin and clockout for staff.

All systems are installed to PD6662, wired and wireless systems are available, all systems are designed by first carrying out a risk assessment of the site and then providing a design specification to the grade of system to suit your insurance requirements. All staff are screened to BS7858 and have enhanced CRB disclosures available on request.

All installations made by Amenities are carried out to a professional standard, all maintained and newly installed systems are maintained and covered on a 24 hour call out basis with a 4 hour response time.